Roues, Chaussures et Technologie

I’m currently in the process of learning a new language. I studied French at school but I finished in year 11, but I did manage to obtain an A grade at GCSE. French is an interesting language, there are some similarities to English but on the whole it is quite hard to pick up. The title of this blog translates as wheels, shoes and technology. I’m sure most of you at least figured out the final word!

As mentioned in my previous blog the guys at Bay Cycles are helping me out this year. I’m lucky to be using the top equipment that Bontrager have to offer. The aim of this blog is to give you an insight/review on the products. Firstly, I’m using the brand new Garmin Bontrager 1030 computer. This is an amazing piece of technology and unlike the Garmin 1030 this Bontrager one comes in a stealth black design which looks simply majestic. One thing I really like about this Garmin is the visibility of the display. I’m someone who likes to have a good amount of data showing as I find it quite interesting, on a normal Edge 520 I found it quite hard to be able to view so much, but now I can easily see everything. Another thing I love is the maps. Since moving to Aix I have had to use a map every ride that I have been on, luckily I haven’t got lost once thanks to the device. I would definitely recommend this piece of equipment to any tech lovers or any cyclists who want to take advantage of features such as VO2 max, recovery time, maps etc…


The guys have also given me a pair of Bontrager Flare lights. I’m a big one for safety on the bike, especially after my dad was knocked off his bike in the summer. The lights are superb. They are really bright and they also have a pretty good battery life. One thing I really like about the lights is there functionality, these lights can connect to the Bontrager Garmin via Bluetooth and then you can control them from the device. There is an automatic function which means as soon as you start the ride the lights turn on and then once finished they turn off. There is a daylight and nightime flash function which have different flash settings and of course if for some reason you wanted to turn them off you can do so but clicking the “OFF” button. Brilliant lights and I haven’t trained without them since Bay Cycles gave them to me!


I’m also extremely grateful to the shop for sponsoring me with a pair of Bontrager XXX shoes. This season I have both black and white pairs. The white ones I have now been using for over a year and love them. The black ones are brand new and look fantastic. I really like these shoes because of how stiff they are. Rated 10/10 on the stiffness ranking you really feel like all the power is going into the bike and pedals. They also suit my foot shape after I had a bike fit with Bay Cycles. This means they are comfortable and specific to me. Would definitely recommend these shoes or any type of Bontrager shoe.


I’m also still using the brilliant Bontrager Tubeless wheels. Please check out my previous blog on these wheels. Link is

Finally I must say thankyou to the Dave Rayner Fund who are supporting me this season and allowing me to race abroad with such amazing equipment!



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